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Quest for freshmen at the Faculty of Law


Every freshman is looking forward to the moment of dedication to the students, which is organized by the Student Council of the faculty. This kind of rite allows them to fully understand the atmosphere of student life and immerse themself in it.

Memorandum of Cooperation signed between the High Council of Justice and the National Aviation University


On September 13, 2021, they confirmed their intentions to cooperate during a meeting with the acting Rector of the National Aviation University Pavlo Borsuk and Dean of the Faculty of Law Iryna Sopilko with the acting Chairman of the High Council of Justice Oleksiy Malovatsky.

Зустріч студентів-правників із міграційним адвокатом із США Владиславом Самарідзе


14 вересня 2021 року відбулася зустріч студентів Юридичного факультету із професором, міграційним адвокатом із США Владиславом Самарідзе.



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